The term "Oriental Rug" is commonly used to refer to all handmade rugs. These rugs come from different countries and each have their own unique styles and designs. Today's modern Oriental rug producers are Turkey, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Nepal and Iran ( Persian). "Persia" is recognized as the original home of the Oriental rug. Since the 19th century onwards the majority of pieces available at dealers, auctions, antique stores and department stores are known to be of Persian origins. Turkish carpets come from various cities all across Turkey but the main producing cities are Ushak, Ayvacik, Sivas, Manisa Demirci, Hereke and Milas . The rugs from these Towns and cities are considered to be the best in the world.



Oriental Rugs are made from wool, silk and cotton usually. Wool and silk are used to make the pile fabric, and the foundation of the carpet is usually made of cotton. Very fine carpets will however use silk as the foundation and tribal rugs will use wool as the foundation. Rugs of wool are stronger and more resilient and are easier to maintain whereas silk rugs are much finer, lighter, and more luxurious. The thickness, texture and color of a rug will depend on the quality of the wool or silk used.


Oriental Rugs have distinctly colorful designs, created using both natural and synthetic dyes. Natural dyes are made from either vegetable or mineral sources. These include plant dyes such as saffron (Yellow), animal dyes such as snails (purple), and mineral dyes like iron oxide (Brown). Synthetic dyes are made from either aniline or chrome. Different colors are connected with different moods and meanings, such connections vary from culture to culture.



Each rug comes from a specific region and carries a combination of traditional designs and weaving techniques particular to that region. Modern Oriental rugs are woven the same way as they have been for thousands of years. Oriental rugs involve weaving rows of silk and/or wool knots around a foundation of cotton. The knot density of an Oriental rug can reach as much as a thousand per square inch and this aspect is the main factor in the intricacy and detail of a rugs' design.

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